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Meet The Azpazaz Bunch

71 Fun Positive Characters To Brighten Your Day!

Ajazzy, I am playful and fun loving

Ajazzy is playful and creative. She is always acting silly and loves to gab with her friends. Sometimes she is a little mischievous, but that's just her playful side. She believe in playing hard and living her life to the fullest.

Abazora is an unstoppable girl who is strong and courageous. She does not let fear stop her. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. She is a super hero and will help you when you need her.

Apezana is a highly spirited, terrific guy with a fun personality. Everyone love to hang out with him because he always has a good time. He loves to do things to make people feel special.

Adezipt believes no matter how difficult something seems, he will achieve it. He is determined to succeed at everything he wants to achieve. He does not believe anything is impossible if he just keeps working on it.

Arenza is very generous and likes to make people smile. She is sensitive to other's need and is a true friend to all. She is generous because she believes it makes her life and everyone else's happier.

Atazie is ambitious and always works hard to achieve his goals. He willing to do whatever it takes to make things work out right. He sees himself being successful in everything he does.

Awtezana likes to help her friends and family when they need advice. She is always responsible and you can count on her to do what she says she will do. She believes in finishing what she starts.

Anazana believes in seeing the best in everything. She is joyful and happy. She does whatever she can to spread joy to everyone she meets. If you are having a bad day, she will do whatever it takes to cheer you up.

Axezinti believes anything is possible. He is a dreamer with a big imagination. He sees possibilities in everything and will not give up until he succeeds. He works hard every day to achieve his dreams.

Abzilla does not let fear into his life. He is fearless and doesn't let anybody get in his way. He goes after what he wants without letting fear stop him. He believes by being fearless, he can achieve anything.

Awazawa is generous and nice. People love to hang around him because he is so talented. He loves creating things by looking at them in a different way. He loves to sing and dance to entertain people and make them happy.

Axazapper is very bubbly and likes to spring around town helping other's. She is full of energy so she is hard to keep up with but it's fun to try. Everyone love to hang out with her because everything she does is brilliant.

Ayzant loves to hang out with everyone and you can always depend on her to be there for you. Everyone loves to hang out with her because she is so kind and dependable. She is loving and friendly and accepts everyone just the way they are.

Aferzy lives his life to seek adventure. He likes to hang out with friends that love to take on new adventures every day. He is adventurous, full of excitement and curiosity.

Agzory is lovable and always treats people the way she likes to be treated. She is friendly to everyone she meets. She is a lovable character and is very special to her family. She loves to smile and wave at everyone she sees.

Apazar cares about everyone around him. He believes if he treats people with kindness, it will come back to him. He cares about everyone's feelings including his own and makes sure to show it every day.

Afferzinny is full of curiosity and wants to know how everything works. She loves to explore the world and learn new things each day. She believes life is full of amazingly, wonderful, surprises.

Axalazeren is full of energy and can keep going when everyone else gets tired. this gives him the ability to accomplish anything that he can imagine. He is friendly and likable and everyone loves being around him.

Axezan loves to hang out with his other super hero friends and try to save the world. He is resilient and can keep going all day and night if needed to keep the world safe. He believes he is extraordinary and that everyone is extraordinary in their own way.

Appazaz loves to help around the house. She is always willing to help others and welcomes them with open arms. She is a joy to be around. She will do whatever she can to be helpful.

Aquzappa is always enthusiastic and happy and loves to get involved in anything that helps others. She is fun and spontaneous and believes that life is full of excitement. She puts her whole heart and soul into everything she does.

Arzenny is highly spirited and always ready to have fun. She never runs out of energy and is constantly active. Everyone loves to hang out with her because they know when they do, they are sure to have a blast.

Afizzer loves to do things on the spur of the moment. He does not like to plan things out. He believes life is more exciting when you just do things without a plan. He is spontaneous and does whatever it takes to have fun every day.

Amazama is a faithful friend who will always be there for you. She is trustworthy and you can count on her. She believes in always telling the truth and living her life with honor.

Asajazz is cool and confident. He is fun to hang out with. He is important to the people who love him. He is special and ready to take on anything. His family and friends let him know every day that he is special to them.

Actezare is irresisitble and will melt your heart with her cute personality and smile. She loves to hang out with her friends and is a little bit mischievous. Everyone loves to hang out with her.

Alezia is imaginative and is always looking for something to create. She likes to hang out with her family and be creative. She knows she can solve any problems and create her dreams by using her imagination

Ahebzen knows he is significant. He believes he deserves to be treated kindly and also treats everyone with kindness. He is fun loving and hangs out with his friends and family members that know he is significant.

Arzilla is a super confident alien who knows she can handle anything. She doesn't let anyone get in her way when she goes after what she wants. She has self-confidence and believe in herself.

Acrazar is an amazing little character with a big smile and a great attitude. He loves to amaze people with his creativity and accomplishments. He is a super hero and will be there for you when you need him.

Acezipit is a sweet girl that loves to hang out with her friends and family. She believes in being nice to everyone she meets. She may look a little scary, but she is kind and loving.

Azetary loves hanging out with her friends and coming up with new amazing ideas. She is super smart and can always find a solution to any problem. She believes in being happy and carefree.

Akinza is loving and giving and smiles at everyone he meets. He will bring you joy and will surely put a smile on your face. He believes that the more you share of yourself, the more happiness you will have in your life.

Ahenzery is strong, confident and self-assured. She know she can do anything she sets her mind to. She believes in herself and believes in having a positive attitude.

Anterza is kind and fun loving. He welcomes everyone with open arms. He believes everyone deserves to be happy. He shows kindness to all and treats his friends and family with respect.

Ayerzip is highly motivated to achieve all her goals. She loves to take on new challenges just to prove she can do it. She believes she can overcome any obstacles that get in her way. She stays motivated until she accomplishes what she wants to do.

Awazar has an awesome imagination and can make anything he imagines become a reality. He is magnificent and always does thing to amaze his friends and family. Everyone love to hang out with him because he always show them a good time.

Aquizar is very strong and is always ready to help anyone in need. He is daring and courageous and very responsible for a young super hero. If someone is in need, he wants to be their hero and help them out.

Akazar is a loyal super hero. You can count on him to be there for you when you need help. He is loyal, trustworthy, strong, and healthy. He likes to hang out with his super hero friends and do good in the world.

Acezant believes no matter how hard things get, he will not let it stop him. He is resilient and never gives up no matter how many mistakes he makes, he keeps going strong.

Ameriza is funny and a little flighty and everyone loves her. She likes to hang out with her family and tell jokes or do things to make them laugh. She believes if she can make just one person laugh, it's been a good day.

Atazarr is always happy and optimistic about everything. He likes to hang out with his family and friends and always shows them an awesome time. When he sets out to accomplish something, he puts his whole heart and soul into it.

Atalenz is lively and believes in enjoying all of the ups and downs in life. She is a dreamer and a joy to be around. She believes in her dreams and knows she has what it takes to make them come true.

Arzory is a charming, confident character that get along with everyone. He is great at making friends and charming people into doing what he wants. He is super fun to hang around and always shows you a good time.

Abelzina is a super cool girl with shades and cool clothes. She is a cute kid that gets along with everyone and has lots of friends. She is so cool, everyone wants to hang out with her.

Agzar is funny, creative and little mischievous. She loves to create all the things she sees in her mind. She believes if she follows her imagination, she can create anything. She loves to make things in her own unique way.

Afazie is positive and believes life is filled with opportunities. She believes that life is full of possibilities as long as you have a positive attitude. She is positive, unstoppable and determined

Alzarty is determined to achieve extraordinary things. He is incredible and always succeeds when he sets out to accomplish things. Once he makes up his mind to do things, he won't stop until he has it done.

Apazapa is a cute little alien girl who believes every one is beautiful. She believes everyone deserves to feel and know they are beautiful. She is a true blue friend that will be there for you when you need her.

Adcozzer is friendly and always fun to be around. He makes friends easily because he is kind and a little nutty. He always comes up with inventive activities to assure everyone has a great time.

Aterzent believes you are more powerful when you are kind, loving and giving. She only uses her power for good and always shares her best side with everyone. She is strong and powerful but also sweet and loving.

Aqumazy knows he is important to the people he loves. He always does his best to make everyone he meets feel important. His family always shows him unconditional love and he shows it to them.

Antezent is always courteous and makes everyone feel welcome. He is very loving and always gives his best to make others feel comfortable and at ease.

Abizin is cheerful and loves to have fun with her friends. She is cute and bubbly and loves to act silly. She believes in starting each day with a choice to be cheerful.

Avazarti is very friendly and loves to smile and wave at everyone she meets. She believes there is no one in the whole world just like her. She is unique and loves it when people appreciate what is unique about her.

Ajizz knows that just because he makes a mistake, it does not mean he is a failure. He is wise and knows mistakes are just how you learn and grow. He uses good judgment when making decisions, which give him the ability to attract success.

Alazilta is a happy little pink alien. She sees the best in everything and keeps a positive attitude. Because of this, she is happy all the time. She believes when you spread joy, it will spread back to you.

Amozilla believe in himself and loves to be different. He believes in taking chances in life. He is proud to be different because he knows by being different, he will create unique things that will amaze people.

Aqumaza is a fantastic guy with the ability to make everyone he meets feel good. He loves to go out and explore new places and meet new people. He is fun loving and a little quirky at times.

Amzila is an exciting alien with a big sense of humor. People love to hang out with him because he knows how to show everyone a good time. He is able to bring out the excitement in everything.

Astezen believes he is valuable and his family and friends agree. He believes that he can handle anything as long as he stays positive. He values himself and everyone he loves.

Alezala refuses to ever give up on her dreams. She is persistent and will attempt things hundreds of times if necessary. She will not give up until she is successful. She believes that as long as you keep doing your best, eventually everything you do will work out.

Agaraz spends her days seeking her bliss. She has many things she wants to accomplish and loves to do. When she follows her heart and does the things she loves, she feels totally blissful.

Ajezant believes the more grateful he is the more things he will have to be grateful for. He expresses gratitude for everyone and everything in his life. He is happy and healthy and has loving friends and family that make each day special.

Avorzia is able to figure out anything and make it work. He is clever and can devise plans for unique, new inventions to make the world a better place. If he does not know how to do something, he knows how to learn the skills to do it.

Azerzever believes anything is possible and always keeps and optimistic view on life. She has no trouble making friend because she is so positive and fun. She is optimistic and looks forward to each new day.

Akelaz is a wonderful guy. He believes that life is a wonderful gift and should be enjoyed. He likes to hang out with his family and friends and do things to make the world a better place.

Anereza believes that if you have hope you have everything. She is sensitive to everyone needs and loves to make new friends. She believes everyone deserves to have hope for a great future.

Avizavi wants to be a strong super hero when he grows up. He is excited to grow up and become a super hero and hang out with all his super hero friends. He is assertive and always stands up for himself.

Adezaps is daring and does not let fear stop him from going after what he wants. He is always looking for a challenge because he feels it makes life more interesting. He is not afraid to voice his opinion.

Ahezar is cuddly and enjoys spending time with his loved ones and snuggle. He loves to snuggle with big teddy bears, pillows and soft fuzzy blankets. He is loving and will always make everyone feel welcome.

Who's Your Favorite Character?

Stick Around and See all the Fun Azpazaz Bunch Activities

Far, far away in the sky up above is a tiny little planet that is filled with love. The planet is Azpazaz and up there in the skies, are these funny little characters with bright shiny eyes.

This cute group of characters are loving and caring. They are always kind and believe in sharing. The group includes brothers, sisters and pals. They are positive and sweet little guys and gals.

The “Azpazaz Bunch” have the cutest personalities you'll find any place. When you meet them they will bring a smile to your face. They hang out together and love to have fun. They love to spread joy, play and run.

The planet is beautiful with trees, mountains, and bright flowers. Each one the Azpazaz Bunch is blessed with their own special powers. They use their powers for good and not bad. And they never cause problems that make people sad.

They spread love and a positive attitude to everyone they meet. I know that you’ll love them cause they're friendly and neat. They are super smart and learn very fast. When you hang out with them, you are sure to have a blast.

They are kind and loving to everyone they meet. They are always friendly and upbeat.

They are cheerful and happy and you will certainly enjoy, sharing playtime together whether you’re a girl or a boy.

The Azpazaz Bunch characters are fun loving super hero’s and fun to be around. They are the funniest characters I've ever found. They grow fruit trees and vegetable gardens they take care of each day. Cause they love to eat healthy to give them energy to play.

Each characters name starts with an "A" and has at least one "Z" too, because those are their parents favorite letters and that is true.

You'll find them in fun journal pages you can print up each day, to help you write your feelings and bring happiness to stay. You can print up their positive posters to hang on the wall and display, to inspire positive thinking so you'll feel a-okay.

We have positive kids books and fun t-shirts too. Each one features a positive character from the Azpazaz Bunch Crew! So come join these funny and wacky guys and gals and have a good time with your Azpazaz Bunch pals.

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