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kids positive affirmation posters

Ajazzy, I am playful and fun loving

Meet The Azpazaz Bunch

71 Fun Positive Characters To Brighten Your Day!

Far, far away in the sky up above is a tiny little planet that is filled with love. The planet is Azpazaz and up there in the skies, are these funny little characters with bright shiny eyes.

This cute group of characters are loving and caring. They are always kind and believe in sharing. The group includes brothers, sisters and pals. They are positive and sweet little guys and gals.

The “Azpazaz Bunch” have the cutest personalities you'll find any place. When you meet them they will bring a smile to your face. They hang out together and love to have fun. They love to spread joy, play and run.

The planet is beautiful with trees, mountains, and bright flowers. Each one the Azpazaz Bunch is blessed with their own special powers. They use their powers for good and not bad. And they never cause problems that make people sad.

They spread love and a positive attitude to everyone they meet. I know that you’ll love them cause they're friendly and neat. They are super smart and learn very fast. When you hang out with them, you are sure to have a blast.

They are kind and loving to everyone they meet. They are always friendly and upbeat.

They are cheerful and happy and you will certainly enjoy, sharing playtime together whether you’re a girl or a boy.

The Azpazaz Bunch characters are fun loving super hero’s and fun to be around. They are the funniest characters I've ever found. They grow fruit trees and vegetable gardens they take care of each day. Cause they love to eat healthy to give them energy to play.

Each characters name starts with an "A" and has at least one "Z" too, because those are their parents favorite letters and that is true.

You'll find them in fun journal pages you can print up each day, to help you write your feelings and bring happiness to stay. You can print up their positive posters to hang on the wall and display, to inspire positive thinking so you'll feel a-okay.

We have positive kids books and fun t-shirts too. Each one features a positive character from the Azpazaz Bunch Crew! So come join these funny and wacky guys and gals and have a good time with your Azpazaz Bunch pals.

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