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kids positive affirmation posters

72 Kids Printable Positive Affirmation Posters & Cards

Let Your Kids Know They Are The Best!

   I Am Positive Affirmation Posters    I Am Positive Posters

Build your child's self-esteem and let them know they are important to you. These fun positive posters will brighten up your kids room and give them positive reading to feel good about themselves. 72 awesome children’s Positive Affirmation Posters you can start printing in minutes. These can be printed on card stock and hung on the wall or frame them in 8" x 10" frames and hang them all over the wall to remind your child how special they are. Download and print your own Positive Affirmation Posters featuring characters from "The Azpazaz Bunch". These are cute positive cartoon characters that you are sure to love.

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   I Am Active Poster    I Am A Dreamer Poster

   I Am Adventurous  Poster    I Am Amazing Poster

   I Am Ambitious Poster    I Am Positive Poster

   I Am Awesome Poster    I Am Beautiful Poster

   I Am Blissful Poster    I Am Brilliant Poster

   I Am Caring Poster    I Am Charming Poster

   I Am Cheerful Poster    I Am Clever Poster

   I Am Confident Poster    I Am Cool Poster

   I Am Courteous Poster    I Am Creative Poster

   I Am Cuddly Poster    I Am Curious Poster

   I Am Daring Poster    I Am Dependable Poster

   I Am Determined Poster    I Am Different Poster

   I Am Energetic Poster    I Am Enthusiastic Poster

   I Am Exciting Poster    I Am Extraordinary Poster

   I Am Fantastic Poster    I Am Fearless Poster

   I Am Friendly Poster    I Am Funny Poster

   I Am Generous Poster    I Am Giving Poster

   I Am Grateful Poster    I Am Happy Poster

   I Am Helpful Poster    I Am Heroic Poster

   I Am Hopeful Poster    I Am Imaginative Poster

   I Am Important Poster    I Am Incredible Poster

   I Am Irresistible Poster    I Am Joyful Poster

   I Am Kind Poster    I Am Lovable Poster

   I Am Loyal Poster    I Am Magnificent Poster

   I Am Motivated Poster    I Am Optimistic Poster

   I Am Persistent Poster    I Am Positive Poster

   I Am Positive Poster    I Am Positive Poster

   I Am Powerful Poster    I Am Resilient Poster

   I Am Responsible Poster    I Am Self-Assured Poster

   I Am Significant Poster    I Am Smart Poster

   I Am Special Poster    I Am Spontaneous Poster

   I Am Strong Poster    I Am Sweet Poster

   I Am Talented Poster    I Am Terrific Poster

   I Am Trustworthy Poster    I Am Unique Poster

   I Am Valuable Poster    I Am Wise Poster

   I Am Wonderful Poster    I Am Your Child Poster

You Get 72 Printable Kids Positive Affirmation Posters To Let Your Children Know They Are Important!

Your download includes all 72 - 8 inch by 10 inch printable posters.


You will also get 8 pages with 9 designs on each page approx 2 1/2 inch by 3 inches each. You can print them on magnet paper, full sticker sheets, card stock or paper. Cut them out and post them around the house to send a positive message to everyone in the house.

   I Am Positive Printable Stickers    I Am Positive Printable Magnets
   I Am Positive Printable Stickers    I Am Positive Printable Magnets
   I Am Positive Printable Stickers    I Am Positive Printable Magnets
   I Am Positive Printable Stickers    I Am Positive Printable Magnets

You Get All This For Just $17. Hurry and Get the Azpazaz Bunch Printable Kids Positive Affirmation Posters & Cards Now And Start Printing Them Immediately. Order Yours Now! Simply Click on The Order Button Below and Start Downloading Your Package Right Away and Start Having Fun In Minutes.

Click To Order and Download Now!

ATTENTION: This is a downloadable package in PDF files with all the designs. These are printable designs, not ready made. You will need card stock, paper, magnet sheets, or sticker sheets to print these on your own printer. They are all high definition pictures to insure your printed designs will be of beautiful quality. Once your payment goes through you will be sent your download link immediately so you can start creating right away.

Because not all monitors are the same, I cannot guarantee that the colors shown will be exactly the same when printed. All the colors could vary from the photos shown.

USAGE RIGHTS: These designs are my own personal creation. Please do not copy or distribute these designs. They are for your own personal use.

All the characters and artwork maintain a copyright. You may not use any of these images for commercial use, mass production, profitability or reselling of these printable design PDF's or the finished products. You are permitted to use them only for personal use for your own family or events. You may not use any of the graphics included in this package on any website, for logos or any digital medium.

All the characters are © copyright Tracie Johansen - AzpazazBunch.com. Please no sharing of files. If you have friends that want them, please send them to my offer.

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